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Mario Kart: A Case For Dry Bones

Dry Bones, the undead skeletal version of Koopa Troopa, was one of my favorite additions to the Mario Kart games when he debuted in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS as an unlockable character. There have been quite a few different characters from earlier versions of the game such as, Petey Pirahna and Bowser Jr. who did not make the cut from Martio Kart: Double Dash. The same as Birdo, King Boo, along with Dry Bones did not make the cut to appear in Mario Kart 8. I say you can take back 7 of the 8 Shy Guys and Yoshis; I'm happy with just one color of each, but please Nintendo bring back Dry Bones!


As his appearance suggests, Dry Bones is an undead Koopa, he first appeared in Super Mario Bros 3. and was the only invincible enemy. While he walked on all four legs in this first game, later versions would have him walk on two legs. In Mario Kart, Dry Bones light weight helped him become a a great character for those looking to speed past other racers. His cool appearance also resonates with people who love Halloween, like me. As you maybe aware, the next DLC will be featuring Dry Bowser and I'm pretty excited for his arrival. That only makes me think, if we have Bowser + Dry Bones Bowser, how can we only have Koopa Troopa with no Dry Bones? I say we cannot! We need Dry Bones to make his return. Maybe Nintendo will continue to roll out more character options, but until then I will raise a glass to these missing but not forgotten racers! Dry Bones you will be missed.

What characters would you bring back or just simply add to the Mario Kart roster? Leave a comment below!

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