I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Musician YouTuber Adam Neely is a hidden gem of the video platform. He’s almost always putting some cool stuff up on his channel, with his gig vlogs being especially noteworthy highlights. His latest one put an even bigger smile on my face than usual, because the gig in question was a video game awards show!

It turns out, actually, that I’m an incredibly late newcomer to his part in the scene, because this was Adam’s third go-round—first in 2016, second in 2017—slinging his bass at The Bit Awards. If the sheer fun of this year’s edition is any indication, that leaves plenty of catching up for me to do. It’s worth checking out for anyone interested in gaming music or how a backing band like this comes together. Look at that, I’m in both categories!

There’s something awe-inspiring about seeing the nitty gritty of a group of professionals at work, and that is doubly true whenever an artform like music is involved. A detailed how-to for how such a “scramble” comes together, this vlog is not, but the way Adam intercuts the band sharpening their material during rehearsal time with the songs as played during the ceremony proper is plenty enough for me.


I need a full version of their jazz take on the Overwatch end-of-match theme. That Final Fantasy VII rendition is also pretty baller; I’m a sucker for groovy drums, what can I say. The biggest surprise, though, was that theme for Just Cause 4. That is not a series which I’d peg as a hotbed for choice soundtrack selections, but Neely and company’s flute-led rhythm was so undeniable, I’ve had to reconsider my tune, even if only for a moment.

(coincidentally, I finally saw Anchorman for the first time last week, so I’ve also become privy to the charms of the jazz flute)

The next time they do one of these things, they have to flex their chops at the Splitscreen podcast theme song. If they really need to justify it, just hand out a Lifetime Achievement in Delaying Games award or something, whatever it takes, IT MUST HAPPEN.

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