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I try to spend a part of my time not only taking in the likes of video games and anime, but also trying to make things of my own—criticism or otherwise—based on my passions. That once took the form of videos on YouTube. These days, it manifests through writing, mostly for Talk Amongst Yourselves. Sometimes, these little side projects go to interesting places.

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Anime 2018

Quick programming note: Narelle gave the go-ahead and recommendation to post this series directly to TAY, so the rest of my articles are being moved there accordingly. Additionally, per her advice, my previous five days have been also moved there. Thank you, Narelle, for the encouragement!


When it comes to 2018 specifically, two things that I did on the anime front especially stand out. If anyone has followed my output on TAY over the summer, this may very well retread some familiar ground; apologies for that. However, as this 12 Days of Anime stint is my little tribute to the things within anime that gave me cheer throughout the year, these can’t not be mentioned.

So, to wit, first up!

I finally got to run a panel at an anime convention this summer!


I had been wanting to do something like this for a long, long time. Watching the 2017 anime version of Kino’s Journey, however—particularly as someone who was a huge fan of the 2003 anime well before then—finally gave me a fit of inspiration that was too good to not follow up on. Thus, on May 19, I held my first panel at the Castle Point Anime Convention. Even with all the mistakes I had made in approaching this undertaking, it was still well-received, and I had a whole lot of fun!

After getting that first crack as a panelist, I am absolutely raring for a chance to do this again. The next year of Castle Point is already starting to rev up, panel applications included. I even already figured out what subject I’d like to tackle next, thank goodness. Hopefully it’s good enough for acceptance; only time will tell.


Second up in cool things from the year!

Something I wrote got read by a band member from The Delgados!


I’ve got this recurring series of posts that I had been putting up on TAY called RedStripe Loved Trax, all about the various songs that I love. It largely focuses on the music in video games, with anime close behind; other songs occasionally get mixed in, too.

For one of those installments, I decided to write about the song used as Gunslinger Girl’s opening theme, “The Light Before We Land” by The Delgados. Then I got a huge surprise: One of the people who read that post was the Delgados drummer’s cousin. Who then passed my humble post to said drummer, Paul Savage, for him to check out. And it sure looks like he actually appreciated it???


The internet sure can be a wild place sometimes. Even occasionally in unexpectedly pleasant ways.

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