I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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If you’ve been checked the Kirby subreddit or GameXplain’s channel in the past hour of this article being published, then you would have heard that Adeline and Ribbon from Kirby and the Crystal Shards (Kirby 64) are being added to Kirby Star Allies as dreams friend ion July 27th. I’m am so happy both Adeline and Ribbon are being added to the game because I have so many fond memories of Kirby 64.


Kirby 64 was the first Kirby game I played and it left a fantastic impression on me. I loved the power combination mechanic because the different combinations were so fun to play with. Throwing bomb shurikens with the (cutter/bomb) power up was so fun because it made me feel like a ninja badass. The double lightsaber (electric/cutter) power up was so fun because I could make Kirby pretend he was Darth Maul. Plus, the music and bosses in Kirby 64 were so damn memorable.

In any case, it’s awesome that Kirby 64 is getting so love after so many years of being dormant. I can’t wait to try out Adeline and Ribbon and I can’t wait to try out Daroach and Dark Meta Knight as well. July 27th can’t come any sooner!

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