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"A Fairy Tale Ending" - Crossover Junction Comic

Pokemon Edition!


Tingle will say and/or do everything to go on epic journeys. Sadly for him, he's not a Pokemon, or a fairy. Well, he might be a fairy...If you know what I'm sayin'.

OK, you got me, basically I wanted to draw Jigglypuff fighting a Rayquaza. Sue me!

I knew I wanted to do a Pokemon themed comic for this past week (sorry for the tardiness, I was busying with the new Pokemon game...For, uh, research) and I was working on this weeks prior. For some reason, it took me a while to finish this and I'm going to try and make shorter comics with fewer panels. As you all know as I repeat it each time I post these, I'm still very much learning the ropes when it comes to drawing and coming up with ways to execute my ideas...And as usual, praying to the comic gods that these are remotely funny.

Well, thanks for looking! And sorry for posting so soon after my Pokemon One a Day! I just wanted to release this before it got too late.


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