I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A Feast A TAY: Round 11!

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As my daughter said, “Well obviously the cheesy potato things”

and with that, Gravy, everyone’s most controversial “side” has been knocked out of the tournament.


Next up:

Round 11: Sweet potato casserole vs. Mac and Cheese

God i do NOT know how to spell casserole for some reason.

Also, if i don’t respond to you on TAY it’s not that I am not counting your vote, it’s just that kinja has been REALLY difficult to work with lately with the comments showing up only rarely. I have to use my notification spot to check the responses but I can’t actually tell you how much I agree with you for not voting for gravy (how was this even close. Seriously.)


You can vote one of two ways:


Click the #thanksgiving channel and check the pinned messages for the day’s date (current is 11-20-19). Click the reaction to add your vote the appropriate food item.

Or enter your choice below!


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