I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A Feast A TAY: Round 13 and 14!

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You should all be ashamed of yourself. This isn’t actually barbacoa, but I lost the picture I had and I’m too lazy and too depressed to care.


Somehow a side of meat beat out the most staples of stapling: Green Bean Casserole. Pour one out for GBC. Just one letter off from GBD. Coincidence? No, if you voted for barbacoa you voted against our overlord and savior. How dare you.

OK. Pulling myself together;

We gotta lotta ground to cover so we’re doing another twofer:

Round 12: Cornbread vs. Cranberry Sauce from a can

Round 13: Mashed Potatoes vs. Spanokopita

You can vote one of two ways:


Click the #thanksgiving channel and check the pinned messages for the day’s date (current is 11-22-19). Click the reaction to add your vote the appropriate food item.

Or enter your choice below!

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