I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A Feast a TAY: Round 2

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I just got a weighted blanket and you’re all lucky because otherwise I’d have severe anxiety that everyone here is nuts. How delicious but deadly hors d’oeuvre won a round at all is worrying. Especially against FRIED RICE THE GREATEST FOOD IN EXISTENCE.


Anyway round two starts now. Do you like thick, nasty, gravy, which as much belongs here as deviled eggs, or do you like a delightful greek salad with tomatoes and toast and basil and vinagrette dressing?

I’m not trying to influence at all.

Vote em up. You’ve got about 24 hrs!

You can vote one of two ways:


Click the #thanksgiving channel and check the pinned messages for the day’s date (current is 11-12-19). Click the reaction to add your vote the appropriate food item.

Or enter your choice below!

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