I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled A Feast A TAY: Round 6

Oh is it my turn already? I’m so not ready for this. I mean, HELLO TAY! As you may have noticed, Aikage is currently MIA, and he asked his trusted mods and friends to take over for him for a while. As you probably guessed, today is my turn! So let’s check the results for the last round! The winner of Round 5 is: Cranberry Sauce from a can, with more than double the votes! Wait really? From a can? Whatever, I’ll just silently judge like always! A round of applause for canned sauce everyone!

Time for Round 6. On this side of the ring, from Greece full of love and spinach to give, we have the spanakopita! This healthy and delicious pie is as tasty as its green, at least if you’re into that sort of healthy lifestyle. On the other end of ring we have a candidate whose simplicity is only matched by its nutritional value: the veggie tray. Man I can feel myself living longer just by looking at this food.


Ok seriously, who picked these dishes? Anyway, the voting is open on our Discord server or the comments below. So get on it!

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