I'm really feeling it!

TAY’s favorite Furby is still busy, so its my turn to fill in on this food adventure. I’m here to close out this rotating cast of substitutes. Let’s check the results of yesterday’s vote!

I’m not a man of culture when it comes to food. I had no idea what spanakopita was before this whole side dish showdown started, but apparently you all did. Apparently you all like it better than the good ol’ veggie tray. It may a classic for any family gathering, but the veggie tray isn’t particularly special. Spanakopita advances to another match-up after a landslide victory!


Meanwhile, it’s time for the next vote. Today we have Mixed Greens with Pork Hok vs. Brussels Sprouts. Someone must like Brussels sprouts, but that someone is not me. Anyway, cast your vote on out Discord server or down in the comments!

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