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A Feast A TAY: Round 8 and 9

We’re out of the prelims and into the semi finals baby! woooooo

To Recap so far:


Our winners so far:

Round 1: Deviled Eggs

Round 2: Gravy

Round 3: Mac and Cheese

Round 4: Barbacoa

Round 5: cranberry sauce from a can

Round 6: Spanokopita

Round 7: Mixed Greens with Pork Hok

For Round Eight we have to do things a little different to make up for lost time: Bonus round!!!

In this round vote twice:

Round 8 and Round 9

Candied Yams vs. Deviled Eggs

Dinner Rolls vs. Fresh Cranberry Sauce (not from a can)

You can vote one of two ways:


Click the #thanksgiving channel and check the pinned messages for the day’s date (current is 11-18-19). Click the reaction to add your vote the appropriate food item.

Or enter your choice below!

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