I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A Feast A TAY: Rounds 15, 16, 17

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Sorry I forgot to post yesterday which means in order to finish this up in 4 days we’re going to have to triple decker it this time. Here’s our bracket so far. Last round Cornbread sadly beat out my dark horse winner prediction: Cranberry sauce in a can. RIP lil buddy.


Mashed potatoes also were able to handily beat Spanokopita although for awhile it was pretty close. Update: luminous caught my error thankfully. Sweet potatoes with sweet crap is actually scalloped potatoes! Vote accordingly

Next up we have:

Round 15: Stuffing vs Mixed Greens with Pork Hok

Round 16: Deviled Eggs vs. Dinner Rolls

Round 17: scalloped potatoes vs. Mac and Cheese

You can vote one of two ways


Click the #thanksgiving channel and check the pinned messages for the day’s date (current is 11-24-19). Click the reaction to add your vote the appropriate food item.

Or enter your choice below!

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