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I'm really feeling it!

A Feast A TAY: Winner!

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Despite all evidence that Mac and Cheese is, in fact, gross.

We now crown it King, Queen, and Prince of TAY’s side dish competition.

While, I am saddened to see it beat CLEARLY superior fare, I promised myself I wouldn’t meddle too much in trying to get people to vote particular ways....(mostly successful).


so... I now tip my hat and provide the obligatory TAY winner’s cake!

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Full list

Supreme Champion: Mac and Cheese

Worthy Adversary: Mashed potatoes (Russet)

3rd place tie: Jalapeno Cornbread and Dinner Rolls

Sweet Potatoes + Sweet crap
Deviled Eggs

Candied Yams
Green Bean Cassarole
Sweet Potato Cassarole
Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry Sauce from a can
Mixed Greens with Pork hoks


Meat cubes and ONions (thanks nior)
Pearled Onions in cream
Fried Rice
Veggie Tray
Brussels Sprouts
PIckled Beets

Special thanks to Datacide and Luminous who made the posts on the site worthwhile and gave me people to vent to when garbage picks won rounds (CANNED CRANBERRY SAUCE WAS ROBBED)d. Even if you didn’t see me, I saw you! (Seriously, kinja has been such an ass lately I’m lucky if I am allowed to post or star or even see comments!)


Thanks to Quiddity, DisturbedShadow, Nior, and Abracadaniel for helping run the tournament while I was out of town or indisposed. You guys are the best friends a small, horrible furby could ask for.

Thanks to Zarnyx for putting the rounds in the roundup. I hope at least some people found a small amount of entertainment from the posts.


And lastly thank you to anyone who voted or even bothered to see what was winning. I do these things for the community and without you, I’m screaming into the void. So I hope everyone had fun! Thanks for playing and maybe we’ll have another tournament that is better planned out (although half the fun is how slipshod this was) for ...pies? Who likes pies? Christmas cookies? ooooooh that’s a good idea. Maybe not so soon after the other tournament unless you all are not tournamented out. I guess if people are generally favorable on it I could start it roughly....now? We’ll see. If you’re up for more tournaments, drop a comment below telling me your favorite cookie and we’ll see how much I can influence the bracket to make sure snickerdoodle wins.

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