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A few tips for a better chance to find your own Fantasy Life.

Do What You Want to Do

So that might seem like a mundane answer but it's important to appreciate. It runs through the entire gameplay experience, however. When starting out choose a life that sounds fun. Later on you might choose lives that help or expand that class in some way or go an entirely different route.


This game doesn't force you into sticking with a class just because it was the first you tried, and if you choose a class you don't really enjoy for one reason or another don't be afraid to switch things up.

At the same time though, as far as gameplay goes, the game let's you do things at your own pace. If you just want to explore what's at the end of dungeons all day you can do that. If you just want to fish that's just as viable. Doing quests or just working on making a really great pair of glasses, whatever the activity, enjoy the game how you want to while you're playing. It's an open-ended experience and if you don't enjoy an aspect of it move on to something you feel like doing.

Learn a Bit about the 'Life's

So the gameplay changes based on picking a Life, think class in an RPG. Every class plays differently and has a different role with the big 3 being fighting, gathering, and creating. Each class has different stats it draws from to determine effectiveness-Anglers and Cooks get more out of focus than dexterity. Like the Angler/Cook set-up some classes seem to go together very well and draw from the same pool of stats. However every job has several stats that, while not as effective as the primary stat, still help.


So what I'm saying is don't worry too much about stats. While you might have terrible intelligence that doesn't mean rolling a Wizard is pointless since you might have other stats that feed in to that class. Put stats into whatever Life you enjoy at the moment, or what classes you enjoy. I enjoyed the little creating mini-games so I dropped a lot of stats into making me a good carpenter/blacksmith-however this also meant I had strong defense as a result and that doesn't hurt when you get into combat.

Talk/Read Everything

This is one of the most charming games ever conceived and throws jokes in all over the place but also hints and tips. Honestly Destiny could have learned a thing or two about having a library that actually gives you help with the game. The game is as full of depth as most big RPGs but it let's players find this for themselves by not forcing this stuff on people. If you take any of the variety of sidequests in the game the descriptions alone give players a lot of information about the game and the world.


It's a well written game with great moments along the way so long as you're not mashing skip through all the "readin' parts". This is a game designed to be easy enough for children to play, however, so it's a weird mix.

You can Reread Tutorials in your Mailbox

Just incase you did mash the skip button while the game gave you a new skill for a class you can read any tutorials in your mailbox later. Maybe you want to clarify something after toying around with it in the field or maybe you tried a class out days ago and are only now trying to go back. Whatever the case the game will explain just about anything to you in-game. If you want to learn more about something take some time and A) talk to the people you meet in that class a B) try reading quest notes for context clues.


Now for a Long Stream of Random Tips

Enemies too tough? Don't worry about fighting them yet.

Tree/ore not taking any damage? Level up that skill and get a better tool.

You don't have to re-equip tools from job to job, the game keeps all your different tools for classes equipped.


The game does change your equipment if it's not usable by a class you switch to. So if you have just done of flurry of work for a bunch of different non-combat Lifes you should check your gear before going out to fight again.

Only 3 bounties in the world at one time, if you kill a 4th bounty monster, etc., one will disappear.


Bounties also drop different items when you turn them in, so even though a particular baddie might mostly drop ores they might have a great weapon or tool they can drop as well.

Don't care about furnishing your house? Sell the stuff. It's all pretty pricey. But once you put it in your house I don't think you can ever sell it again. Maybe I'm dumb but it just goes into storage for me.


The shop upgrade bliss rewards are useful, and the last one upgrades the traveling merchants which is really useful due to their diverse items. Similarly the final animal rental one lets you have a horse which helps you a lot. No more runaway animals-really useful for handing in bounties since the boxes disappear while you're on the horse allowing safe transport back to the bounty clerk.

Luck is useful for every class. Don't leave it at 5.

Food gives stat boosts, so if you're going to be making tools/weapons/armor you might want to eat some food that boosts your skills.


Experiment. You learn more by trying things out.

Bring SP potions if you want to cut down those boss trees/ores. Their health regenerates so SP potions are really the only way to do enough damage consistently enough to get the job done.


Make sure useful items are in your pouch. On the touch screen you can get easy access to 8 different items, make sure they're things you actually want to use like food that helps in battles and hp/sp potions. The pouch is for when you don't have time to scroll through the inventory so get a set-up that helps you when it really counts.

Carry Life Cures around. In the beginning you won't have many, but as the game progresses there's no reason to not have 10+. However Life Cures don't have to be in your pouch to be used.


You can buy a respec later in game. Seriously don't worry about screwing your stats up.

Sell old equipment. Especially if you're a blacksmith or tailor you can make more if you need to for a sub quest. There are already enough materials cluttering up your inventory spaces you don't want that extra bronze sword also taking up space.


You can craft items from your stored items, so make sure to put everything used in crafting in storage. Just remember when you go out and start grabbing more materials that's going to still take up space in your bag, so regularly empty your materials into your storage.

You can access storage from crafting areas around the world.

While skills carry over(like how good you are with a sword and how you attack) special skills are life specific. If you're an Angler you have a special skill relating to fishing that no other class has, so this class is best designed for this activity. It makes a difference on the most difficult challenges, but the bonus stats every different Life has don't matter that much. Yes an Angler has better stats for fishing than others, but any class can fish.


However keep your eyes on the lookout for Life specific challenges that require you to be that class to complete.

Do What You Want to Do

Fantasy Life is a quirky game with more charm and wit and silliness than any game deserves to have. Don't push yourself too hard or you might start skipping all the wonderful dialogue. Yes the game is written in that simple DisneyPixar style on one level, but on the other it's an amazing tribute to the kind of detail and voice that only games can create.


This game has a level of variety that's mesmerizing. Take whatever path you want when you want.

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