A few weeks ago, I posted a drawing tutorial and invited you guys to submit work based on that guide that could assist you in a mini challenge. The due date to submit your art to get a personal look over was in the middle of E3, aka our "nerd Christmas" which was probably not the best time to ask anyone to commit to anything. My bad! :)

So this reminder comes a lot later, in case you guys forget to add your work into the mix (or you might not be interested in drawing at all, which is totally fine!) but I thought I should say in this blip that if you do want to use the guide and test out the tutorial, go for it! So far, I've got one entry to look over and highlight for the follow up guide to the tutorial.

If you are interested, the new deadline to post art into that thread will be next Wednesday, July 2nd. Hopefully that gives you enough time!

I know I haven't been as active as I want to be here, but I'll try and post some new stuff soon. Thanks guys, for looking and being cool people!