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A Few Words on Ace Academy

I started doing these posts last year for the ‘2018 SixTAYDays of Writing’ challenge and since I’ve decided to participate again, what better way to do so than to continue on with these. This time around rather than picking games at random from what I’ve completed recently, I’m got to start at the top, of this year, and so with that in mind, it’s time to write a few words on my first completed game of the year, Ace Academy.

In the cover image (0f this article) you can see a really cool looking mech and that is what Ace Academy is about, fights between teams of mechs, totalling to about one hour or so of its playtime cause the slice of life stuff and romance is far more prevalent.

Best Girl Kaori though honestly, all the girls here are pretty great, I just got a soft spot for tsunderes and thus she was who I decided to pursue.

Since the game is a visual novel, I’ll start off with the category that most people would be interested in i.e the gameplay. Gameplay consists of clicking options on the screen, sometimes dialogue options and other times what to do to next. It’s not the most thrilling experience but it works for what it is, also if you t want to change an option or just see the immediate consequences of all the choices then just scroll back that mouse wheel to travel back in time and redo a choice. (note: there isn’t actually any time travel in this game)

And now, for the not as interesting aspect, the Story. Like I said above if you’re expecting some fun mech action to click through, then sorry to say again, there’s not a lot. However, if you’re expecting to have a fun time hanging out with a bunch of likeable characters (who are mostly girls but Shou does his best too) then look no further. There’s also an overarching story about the mystery of your parents’ death that is touched upon a bit a few times across the entire. There is one moment in particular that I found really sweet which occurs between the protagonist and his sister (who have a nice, normal sibling relationship for once) on their parents’ birthday (also this technically doesn’t have anything to do with the whole ‘mystery, aspect). Other than that this plot thread isn’t really too prevalent and just kinda wraps up quickly at the end which makes it a bit disappointing overall.

2nd in the Best Girl Rankings though and would definitely be first if not for more tusndere bias.

The romance aspect is a lot better and really the heart of the game. It does a great job of gradually building up the relationship from good friends to a couple in a very satisfying and believable way. All the characters also possess solid chemistry with each other that make events when they are all together joy to play uh..., read through.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a fun, wholesome story about romance, school life and a bit of mech action then I give you, yes you, my full and hearty recommendation to try out Ace Academy.


(Here’s a link to the game’s steam page for those who want it)

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