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A Few Words on Blade Kitten

So, my post on FF XV got a decent amount of traction and since I had just finished the game that very day, it felt good to sort out my feelings and convey them to others in a post. As such, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on my recent gaming endeavors starting with the first game I finished last month, Blade Kitten.

For FF XV, I didn’t really give any context considering that this being a primarily gaming focused site, most people would know what I was talking about. However, Blade Kitten is a far more niche title so I’ll start of with a little explanation about the it.


Blade Kitten is about a bounty hunter by the name of Kit Ballard who finds herself on the planet, Hollow Wish, tracking down the leader of a local rebel insurgence. From there, she’ll jump (and double jump) her way through various terrains in a side-scrolling fashion and slice any foes that get in her path with her trusty floating (and I believe sentient as well ?) blade.

So from that description, I assume anyone reading this will have a good idea of the kind of game Blade Kitten is. As for how it executes its premise, well, I’d say it does a decent job. Blade Kitten is fun to play and has neat ideas but lacks some much needed polishing that would have really made it shine.From level design to combat mechanics and boss encounters, the game just feels kinda sloppy. There’s never that feeling of satisfaction that you would normally get in a great platformer when you nail a jump or a strike an enemy. Its enjoyable for what it is but it could have been more.


The story on the other hand is as cheesy as they come and this game knows it. The game retains a lighthearted tone throughout even in what may seem to be more serious moments and plays out its straightforward tale, uhhhh, pretty straightforward. You’ll forget it as soon as your done ( I know I did, that’s why this write up doesn’t mention any specific instances) but like the gamepaly its enjoyable for what it is.


And that’s that for Blade Kitten. I would, in the end, recommend it to people cause its pretty cheap (especially on sale) so if you want a way to kill a couple of hours on lazy day, try it out. As before I’m happy to discuss more if any y’all want.

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