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I’ve only ever played a few visual novels in my short time on this planet we call Earth but even though I may not have a lot of experience in the genre, I can safely say that Fault Milestone One, the first title in the fault series, is a good game. It definitely has it flaws but succeeds where it counts and it makes excited to tackle the sequel.

Okay, so lets get the flaws out of the way first. The game has some translation issues. Now, its nothing major, just a bit of odd phrasing here there that breaks the flow of the dialogue or feels redundant like the line “all the members of Lab 9's members” and others which I can’t quite recall right now. Considering the game’s already been out for a while now, it’s a bit annoying that they couldn’t clean up the translation. The other issue is the fact that the synopsis of Fault Milestone One is a lie. The game starts of with Selphine and Ritona (Best Girl) making their escape from their stupidly hard to pronounce homeland, Rughzenhaide (I had to google this just now) as it is besieged. Its a fairly dramatic start that sets us up for a grand tale of adventure as we see our protagonists grow in they trying to learn of the truth behind the events that transpired and finding their way back home. However, that’s a story for another game as soon after their escape, Selphine and Ritona (Best Girl) find themselves in supporting roles as they act as catalysts to bring forward the story of the game’s true protagonists, the Zhevitz family.


So may have taken a little of a long winded approach to my point (as did the game) but the fact is that this not Selphine’s or Ritona’s (Still Best Girl though) tale even though the beginning and end do touch upon the game’s original premise, the rest is completely removed from it. This means that our duo have zero development or progression throughout the whole thing and from the way the game opened, that’s pretty disappointing. Still the story it does tell is a pretty good one.

The Zhevitz’s tale of success, joy and tragedy is well told and quite touching. The game does a good job of really making you care about the family that even though we know how this tale ends, you can’t help but wish it wasn’t so. Rune, Rudo, Cid and Eline are the real stars of the game and although the resolution to the family’s tale is a bit abrupt, it’s nonetheless satisfying closure. And like I mentioned above, the final chapter does go back to our original briefly before ending on a cliffhanger that segues directly into the sequel.


As for the technical aspects of the title, the backgrounds, and character art and designs are quite lovely and its soundtrack echoes the same. The game also consists of a bit of camera movement to add some ‘cinematic’ flair to the proceedings though for me personally, it doesn’t really add much save for one or two instances.


In the end, the story the game tells is definitely worth experiencing even if its a completely different one from promised. Hopefully the sequel sticks to the original premise a bit more. Anyway, that’s that and as before, am happy to discuss more.

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