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So, you may be wondering, why Final Fantasy XV ? Why now, almost 2 years since its release ?

Well, that’s cause I don’t have a PS4 nor a very capable PC (its more apt to call it a potato). But thanks to a friend of mine, I have been able to temporarily acquire said capable PC and over the weekend, was finally able to take this game for a spin. Now 24 hours and 67 levels, I’ve reached the end of the road of the adventures of Notics and his friends, and since this ‘SixTAY Days of Writing’ challenge is currently underway, I though I’d share my feelings on this adventure to the denizens of TAY.


Alright, so where to begin ? Well, for starters, I loved it. I’ve always been a big fan of RPGs and JRPGS in particular but never really played a Final Fantasy all the way through. I know, I’ve always felt kinda weird about it, one of the biggest names in the genre of RPGs and this self-proclaimed fan has never played one ? A preposterous notion indeed. Now, to be fair, I’ve definitely tried my hand at the franchise, always got a few hours in a then just stopped. I didn’t dislike what I played ( I think) but for some reason , they’ve never really grabbed me and XV was kind of the same.

Even though I had never played an FF game before, everything I saw of XV made quite an impression and I was eager to try out the game one day so when the chance finally presented itself, I quickly hoped on, hoping my expectations would be met and at the end of it all they definitely were but those first hours felt like they wouldn’t. First I wanna say that XV is an absolutely beautiful game especially the Windows Edition with almost everything up to max. Just walking around to admire the beauty and all the things I’ve heard about the title gave me a bit of motivation to push forward despite my feelings of the opening hour.


And boy, I’m glad I did. The story picked up, the combat felt tighter and the camaraderie between our four heroes helped get me invested in their relationship. Their friendship and Notics journey to truly become King are what made the core of this tale and sold me on it. While there were things that needed more time to properly conveyed and characters like Luna, Ravus, Ardyn etc. who needed more fleshing out, I still felt quite satisfied with what we got especially the finale which was truly epic.

Combat also proved to be pretty damn fun, switching weapons on the fly and zipping around wrap points and into enemies during will never get old. I also appreciated how the different styles of combat were for each character which allowed greater variance in gameplay.


And well, that’s it. The title does say a few words and I think I’ve very complied with that.


So, thanks for reading and if you want to share your thoughts or discuss some more about Final Fantasy XV, I’m definitely up for that.

(P.S Chocobo Riding is Awesome and that Ring is pretty Overpowered)

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