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A Few Words on Lego Batman: The Videogame

Batman and Robin arrive at the scene of the crime to find some fancy collectables and probably save the day

It was fine, something I would assign an arbitrary numerical value of 6(out of 10) if I had too. There, those are my few words but alas, it just wouldn’t feel right publishing something so lacking in content (no matter how accurate to the title it may be) so I’m going to try to droll on a bit more.

So....., let’s see, what to say, let’s start with combat, you press a button a lot, tilt your analog in different directions and bam..... all your enemies are dead, well in pieces (cause they’re legos) which I assume means they’re dead so that in turn means Batman kills in this game, huh, never realized it while I playing. In that case, fans of dark, gritty Batman, this is the game for you. Also, boss encounters employ a puzzle to them as it so with many an adventure game plus there are a couple of Bat(insert vehicle name here) levels in there as well to break up and diversify the game’s general formula.

The Penguin has an army of little gun-wielding penguins in this game so major props for that

The game’s level design is solid, lots of cool blocky settings that fit well with whichever of Batman’s foes you’re facing at the time. They’re also filled with various puzzles to get through and a bunch of collectables to be found and as such, the exploration aspect is well defined and incentivized.

Other than that, all the little cut scenes are fairly humorous and there’s a certain charm about the fact that there’s no spoken dialogue whatsoever which, in my opinion, elevates them.

For those who prefer Harley’s original Jester outfit, you need look no further

So yeah, that’s it, the word count at the bottom of this article is currently showing 318 words, make that 322, now 324 and now 327, no wait, it’s 331 334 now and I’m going to stop doing that.

If you’re looking for a fun, casual gaming experience and a good dose of Batman nostalgia, then please, step right up and give it a swirl.

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