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Hana and Erika in a feisty first encounter

Ok, so first things first, this game right here is 18+ and while I won’t be inserting any NSFW content into this article, just thought I should put it out there if that’s not your thing.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s move on the title itself. Re:Maid is an erotic visual novel created by the team Marble Syrup and is available to download from their Patreon (for $1+ patrons) or playable online on New Grounds (though not in HD). I’ve personally played through the game fully once and then used the “skip dialogue” option to see a couple of the other endings.

A surprising and most awkward encounter

The title is quite short, a single playthrough should lock in at roughly 2-3 hrs depending on your reading speed. There are two main love interests in the game, each with their own route and, unfortunately, no harem route. The game itself is a pretty textbook VN with a straightforward branching system. The artwork for the characters and their uh... “scenes” is quite good and has a unique look to it compared to your regular anime aesthetic. Background art is solid as well though nothing really stands out which works fine for what the game is.

Given the length of the game, the events that transpire take place over the first week of the protagonist’s life at University. This gives the romance a snappy pace with major events happening quite quickly. My first playthrough led to me ending up with Erika and though I wouldn’t exactly call it unsatisfying, it did nonetheless feel a tad bit rushed especially considering how reserved Erika usually is. I must confess though, while I went with Erika in the end, my choices throughout the game generally flip-flopped between the two and going through the game again using a guide specifically for Erika’s ending triggers more events with her that add more substance to the relationship overall.

Hanging out with Erika on Sunday sure led to an unexpected place (also, pick out the oddities here if you wish)

I also did Hana’s route as well and while I do prefer Erika, personality wise, Hana’s route was a more light-hearted, fun and possibly realistic ride. Even though the pace was as quick, it didn’t feel rushed, mainly due to how Hana’s character is.

Overall though, both routes were quite enjoyable and I very much enjoyed spending time with each of the girls. While it’s nothing special, if visual novels are generally your thing, do give this one a shot. It’s a short and enjoyable little ride all the way through.

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