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First things first, Sonic Generations is the only Sonic game I’ve played. So, even though the game is a celebration of Sonic, new and old, I can’t really say how well it recreates what came before. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my first outing with the Sonic franchise and will definitely check out the others. (Recommendations would be appreciated)


Alright, so I’ll start off with my qualms about the title. If there’s one thing I do know very well about Sonic, its that he’s fast and the thrill of zipping through levels at high speeds is what I was looking forward to the most. However, while that thrill was definitely satisfied at times, I often felt that going fast put me at odd with the levels. Running into enemies, falling off platforms, getting caught in traps, I felt like whenever I tried to push past the speed limit, things like these soon led me (technically Sonic) to my death. Only by slowing down was I able to properly overcome such obstacles. This covers my main issue with the game so now we’ll move on to greener courses.

I did say at times that the whole thrill of going fast worked and the best examples were the boss battles. While none were thoroughly memorable, they were fun, a decent challenge and most importantly worked with Sonic’s whole speed thing. I also really like the variation in gameplay between old and new sonic though in the end I do prefer the new one. While there are only a few main levels, a ton of challenges are available to play through I haven’t checked out all of them. The best for me were the ones where Sonic’s friends helped out as they provided a new mechanic to play with.

That’s it for the gameplay and as for everything else, the soundtrack had a fun, upbeat vibe going for it which fitted well with the levels, I especially liked the song ‘Escape from the City’. The story was a simple affair, it was fine and that’s all there really is say about it. Graphically, all the stages and such looked quite nice and vibrant and I liked the fact that the stage select screen was a stage in itself.


Well that’s that on my take, as always I’m happy to discuss more if you wish.

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