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A Few Words on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I’d like to start by saying/typing that this is about the tie in game not the film and unlike the film, the game is a pretty good. Its a basic hack n slash with a bit of light platforming and puzzle solving which all revolves around a story kind of related to its film counterpart


First off, the story. As I said above, the game’s story is somewhat similar. It moves back and forth between the past and present with the past segments detailing Logan’s last mission with Stryker and the future ones following Logan as he tries to track down his brother. The details are generally the same as the film though there is some extra stuff with Mystique and Sentinel laboratory.Honestly, I didn’t really pay much attention and really there’s no need to, even if you never watch a single cutscene, you’ll understand everything just fine.

As for the gameplay, its pretty standard. You’ve goat a quick light attack, slower heavy attack, an overpowered leap attack (You can get through pretty much the entire game just spamming this) and some additional abilities unlocked through spending points gained from leveling up. There isn’t really great many options in combat but the worse part is the limited enemy variety meaning that you’ll never really need to vary from the basics (and that leap attack) to get through. The platforming and puzzle solving are the same, just basic stuff.

Still, the game’s fun and long enough to really feel the repetitiveness. Its got a couple of nice set-pieces as well, especially the boss fight with the Sentinel.


Well, although this feels a bit short, I can’t really think of anything else to say about the game. Its enjoyably, and if you’re looking to slice up some unfortunate saps, you could do a lot worse.


As before, happy to discuss more.

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