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The Village of the Redha

Ys, the other storied JRPG series by Falcom after The Legend of Heroes and one which is largely defined by two things, its red-haired protagonist and intense fast-paced action.

Ys VI, like all games in the franchise, stars Adol the Red as its protagonist. A silent adventurer who finds himself shipwrecked on the Canaan islands in the middle of a massive vortex that confines all the inhabitants to forever remain on the island once they arrive. Discovered and brought nursed back to health by Olha, a priestess of the local Redha tribe, Adol then set off on an adventure to uncover the mysteries hidden about and find a way off these islands.

Adol’s saviour, the beautiful elf Redha priestess, Olha

The story of Ys VI is straightforward in its nature, cut off from any kind of filler, purely focused main beats and how to get there. With this more efficient approach to storytelling, Ys VI is on the shorter side within the genre, coming in at about 15-18 hrs for the main tale, there also aren’t really any sidequests to veneer you off the main path. Nonetheless, it’s a fun adventure with a fair number of thrilling moments written in. Its shortness allows for the adventure to never become stale, ending far before you ever grow tired of playing.

Though, I don’t know if I would have grown tired of playing even 40 or more hours into the game because even if the combat system is mechanically simple, it is fine-tuned to such a point that every press of the button is incredibly satisfying and the boss encounters, which are peppered frequently throughout the campaign, are excellently designed to take full advantage of the system. The pace of combat is also lightning fast which adds to its overall thrill and intensity. It’s just a damn fun system which led me to spend quite a bit of time simply grinding away at foes because of the enjoyment factor.

The First of Many

With its intense action and thrilling adventure, Ys VI makes for a fantastically efficient little JRPG that I had an absolute blast playing and highly recommend to everyone out there.

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