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Suuuuuuup, TAY! Greetings on this Accursed Thorsday. Today is PSA day: The Awesome Sauce Damson has asked me to cover Thorsdays (which we shall now rename Loki'sDays) going forward but have no fear! She will continue to lead the ParTAYs we hold here on Fridays, as regularly scheduled.

How is everyone on this Loki'sDay? Here in NY, it is much warmer than it has been. It seems as though Swansie's appeal and sacrifice to the Snow Gods last week finally worked.

But you know what didn't work? PhoTAYgraphy Club.

I tried to stage a coup. Aikage tried to revive that biz.


But Nach... he failed us, mang.

And so on this awfulbutnotbecauseit'sLoki'sDay Loki'sDay, let us bid fare thee well to PhoTAYgraphy Club. Let us look at that picture above and imagine that, that right there was how Nach took out PhoTAYgraphy Club. He did it by sticking it with twigs from the yard into its already fragile, cold body. Then he poured red food colouring on it. He then set it up on an altar, gathered up his friends and laughed at it.

Today, we remember that PhoTAYgraphy Club's life may have been short-lived but it was quite beautiful. Sometimes a bear would come around and share interesting pictures of the bugs he found on his journey. Sometimes Hipster Adventures on bikes (of course bikes!) showed us how to stay away from that Hipster culture. Then, all the times, Walf, O-Deck and e'rebody else would come up in there and shame me with their fantastic photos.


You will be missed PhoTAYgraphy Club...

...Until Nach brings it back later today sometime.

Today's Suggested Topics: What was the best revival of a video game series (or TV or Movies!) or genre in recent memory? Tomb Raider? A Hat in Time? Doctor Who? Are you excited for the revival of PhoTAYgraphy Club? Should we stop shaming Nach? Red Food Colouring - Yay or Nay?


As always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves! It is the Open Forum, after all. Don't forget that the IRC Channel is always around for you to carry out discussions as well.

Have a great Loki'sDay Everyone!