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A Great Method To Sheer Down the Backlog Before You Even Start Playing

What do I mean? Well, let’s be real with each other for a second - we all own a shitload of games we know we’re never going to play, and it’s time to purge those from the list.

Linked above is a site I discovered called Challonge. With this site, you can paste a list of your unplayed games and create an elimination bracket. Which is awesome! It’s a little buggery in that you need to make an account, and that you need to actually set a score (you can’t just click the winners), but it’s an effective tool nonetheless that saves hours of busywork.


Now, here’s how we use this tool to purge games from the collection: Every time you eliminate a game in favour of another one, ask yourself very simply: “Am I ever going to play this? Is there some reason why I’m apprehensive about playing this?” If your answer is, “No, never going to play this,” or “Honestly, I’m just not into this genre, I only got it because the internet said it was good,” JUST GET RID OF IT.

Your next greatest tool? eBay.

When you’re selling your games, don’t go to Gamestop (“Alright, so your 6 games are worth $8.50, would you like to preorder Madden 17?”) and don’t go to Kijiji (where you’ll be assailed by local yokels that think $5 is a fair price for Suikoden II). I’ve been seeling on this site since I was a teenager, and really, it’s going to be your best tool for getting your money back.

Since the start of December, I’ve sold 11 games for a total of $450, and that’s not including shipping. Yes, PayPal and eBay take a cut of that money, but you are never going to get that kind of cash from your games using any other method. Granted, I’ve been doing this for years, and I have a number of techniques for getting my stuff sold quickly and for a price I like, but regardless, simply putting your games to market will be an incentive to boot more less-desirable games from your collection.

Of course, you can also find a local game store that pays a fair trade value - some of my favourite stores pay up to 75% of their retail value for trades. So really, it’s all about what’s convenient for you.


Once you’ve done this, your backlog should look a lot less daunting.

You can use that same Challonge site to then figure out what game of your massive swell of software is most desirable to play at this moment! Hurray!



Here’s what I purged with this method:

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