I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Tally ho, Internet! Did you know it’s still possible to download P.T.? If you, like me, lost P.T. due to changing your PS4, the PS4 harddrive, or maybe if it just straight up deleted itself, check out the video below!

I’ve been scolded for not providing written instructions before, so I’ll add those in right here:

1. Navigate to http://gamexeon.com/forum/threads/…

2. Download and install SUWI (and tick all checkboxes during installation)

3. Once installed, open up command prompt (Win+R, and type “cmd” into the text field, press Enter) and type “ipconfig”


4. Find the field called “IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” and note the IP address it gives you.

5. Navigate to the network settings on your PS4 and set up a custom connection.
a. If using wireless, connect to your home network as usual (with all settings set to automatic as needed,) but opt into using a proxy server.
b. If using a wired connection, choose the corresponding option and setup a custom connection. Set all options to Automatic (as needed) but choose to use a proxy server.


6. Enter your IPv4 address into the “Address” field, and “808” into the “Port” field.

7. Finish setting up your internet connection. Ensure you have a working internet connection by running the connection test afterwards.


8. Simply download P.T. from your game library (the far right of your Playstation Menu) and it should download as normal! Enjoy!

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