I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

This is a little video I did sort of going over my gaming collection. I just watched how it turned out, and I really like it! I made it specifically for posting on here, since it's rare that we get video content (and I really wanted to show off the organization of my gaming space :P). Let me know what you think, and feel free to discuss anything you want relating to the words extruded from my face hole.


Some bonus things I forgot to go over in my video!

This is my accessories drawer:

Illustration for article titled A Guided Tour of My Gaming Collection (Or; Pro-Tips for Collecting)

There's also a handful of games I intend to add to my collection in the next few months, including:
- R-Type III (assuming my brother can't find it in Japan, I'm just going to buckle and pay the $80 for it online; I love that game)
- Armadillo (he already picked this one up for me for 680 yen :3)
- Gaiares
- Truxton
- Star Solder: Vanishing Earth
- Blast Corps
- Axelay
- One of After Burner, Knuckles Chaotix, Space Harrier or Kolibri (all 32X)
- The Terminator (Sega CD)
- Bari-Arm
- EX Troopers
- Gundam Extreme VS.

I'm very much in a Gen 4 collecting mode. My Gen 7 collection is pretty much complete as far as I'm concerned (barring a few imports I'd like to have), I don't know enough about PS2/GC to go out collecting just yet, and PS1 games are stupid expensive and rare right now for absolutely no reason, so I'll wait a while to collect for that.


Also on the horizon: I'm going to be building a MAME cabinet in the next year or two, whenever I can get some extra cash and some vacation time. ;D

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