After much work, I present to you the first working build of the StarCraft II version of "A Journey Too Kind". Go ahead and watch the video, then read on to learn about the story behind it.

Please forgive the lack of sound effects and music.

I told you I was gonna work on something with StarCraft II. While it turned out to be something different than I had planned, I made it work nonetheless.

For the uninitiated among you: I've been trying to make an adventure game since forever, and this is one of my progress report posts.

I've never talked much about the game's story and gameplay, though, so if you're curious feel free to ask.

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: The sprites.

Normally you would expect 3d models to be used in StarCraft II. However, since I can't create models on my own, and I couldn't find help from another modeler, I decided to do the next best thing: Use 2d graphics instead.


Those of you who remember the old version of the game might remember how I used to work with RPG Maker sprites. This experience helped me to create custom sprites on my own... expect they're not really original, but rather very elaborate edits made out of several different templates.

The main hero still has his signature purple cape, just like back in 2013. It was A PAIN to finish his graphics, but I wanted to carry over my artistic vision for this character at least. The other sprites are a bit less-heavily edited, but I still tried to establish my own style with them.

The animation isn't perfect as I use a workaround script for them. You see, StarCraft II doesn't support sprites at all, so I basically perform a "display image over unit" command for every single animation frame.


You might notice how the animation is sometimes not executing immediately, or how the main hero's legs move twice as fast sometimes - these are all bugs that are unavoidable.

Still, better to have this compromise than no character graphics at all. I want to create MY game here, and not turn it into a StarCraft story because I have to use their models. I won't sacrifice my artistic vision just because of the engine, I'll do a workaround - true modding/Indie style.

Outside of the sprites, I also created a custom HUD. Most of the combat stuff like special attacks are also done, and the game design document with all the levels, weapons and enemies has been finished as well.


From here on out, it is just a matter of time until I can complete it. There's still much work to be done, but there is no delaying factor on this project anymore (other than myself), which always helps.