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from tvtropes stock super powers article

Hey y’all work is slow today so I would like to ask you all a question that I am sure has appeared on multiple occasions. Here it is again just because I am thinking of it.

  • If you could choose one power what would it be?
  • I would also like you to consider the draw backs if you couldn’t always properly control said power?
  • Also to what extent could your powers be used?
  • Would there also be anything that could prohibit your power?

One power I have thought of for multiple times simply out of shear convenience would be teleportation or blinking to and from some place kind of like Night Crawler or those dudes from that Jumper Movie. A drawback or constraint I could think of is that I couldn’t go some place I had never been before or if I get distracted in thinking of where I want to go and end up some where else. also possibly might exhaust myself and be stuck somewhere I don’t want to be. Besides lack of knowledge of a safe location to blink or warp to. I couldn’t think of any other things that would stop it.


So what about you all?

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