Hello again and welcome back to this look back at the classic video game ads of the past. Let’s pick up where we left off.

Last week I went over several different ads from the Nes era. We had a mix of games that featured Vader, Bart and fake Mario.

For reference here is the video i’m digging through, courtesy of jeremy8780. Let’s finish off the rest of these bad boys.

5:18 - Doctor Mario - NES and Game Boy - 1990

Ah this game. I had this one for my NES and have a lot of fond memories of it. I also remember my mother being addicted to it. I would come home from school and hear the recognizable sounds of the menu theme faintly floating through the house.


What kind of sick mind designs some of the Mario Maker levels?

The ad uses a remix of the classic song Witch Doctor, first recorded by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.in 1958. He’s better known by his stage name David Seville, and as the creator of the Chipmunks.


6:17 - Dragon Warrior - NES -1986

Is there a more classic old school RPG than Dragon Warrior? I had this game for my NES as a kid. This was the first game of the long running Japanese series Dragon Quest, which still has new titles in development. The ad features a young knight on horseback riding around in between shots of game play footage. It’s another ad like Crystalis that most likely would not get made today.It does it’s job well, setting a mood of fantasy and adventure and getting you pumped to play this classic game.

I just want you to pick up the pizza for the D&D game, Steve. You don’t have to be so dramatic about it.


One of the legacies of this series is the iconic monster the Slime. A staple of old school RPGs the slime was designed by Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama who designed other monsters as well. In an IGN Interview from May 25th 2007, Dragon Quest head Yuji Horii discussed the famous manga-ka designing such an iconic video game character.


The next couple of ads are for the NES and accessories so I’ll do them together. The first one is pretty basic but I like how the ad claims you get all this.


This is the Deluxe Set which according to Wikipedia cost $199.99 in 1985, although the sidebar says $299.99. It would be approx $475 in 2015 taking into account inflation. Just for comparison, Gamestop has a brand new 500GB Xbox 360 for $199.99. According to the CPI Inflation Calculator the cost of that system in 1985 would be approx $67.00. So long term the cost of gaming has dropped drastically which has helped decrease the investment to get into the hobby.

The other noteworthy part of these two ads are is the Zelda rap. I can’t even.....look i’ll just leave the video queued up at that spot, do with it as you will.

The next ad is a Japanese ad for the game Rockman from 1987. This game would later be released in the West but called it’s better known name, Megaman. The ads was on the compilation video but I found a higher quality version courtesy of YouTube poster Giraux. The footage was from the DVD ‘Capcom Consumer Chronicle Volume 2", released by Enterbrain in 1994.

Why the heck is Wiley so much taller than the robots. Also, least threatening robot army ever.


I was unable to find any details on who did the voice over or who might have been involved with the animation. It’s obvious they either didn’t have a lot of money or didn’t care since Mega...ER I mean Rockman changes color in three different shots. The animation has the look of that Dragon Lair style LD game Time Gal.

According to Wikipedia, the name was supposed to be a reference to rock and roll, and also a play on words as their was another robot named Roll.It also referred to the “Rock paper scissors” nature of the game mechanics.


The original art was also weird.


I’m going to close things out with a special request from the comments of my first article. I present to you the weirdest Legend Of Zelda ad ever.

Yeah I got nothing. I think this theory from the YouTube comments makes as much sense as anything.


The other ad is for the N64 game Vigilante 8. It seems really tame in 2016 but according to the YouTube poster it came out around the time of Columbine and....yeah just watch, you’ll figure it out.

The game looks like it would be fun for multiplayer. I did a lot of N64 with my friends but I don’t think this one ever got into our systems


Well folks, there you have it. Those were the ads I thought were the most interesting of the batch. I hope you all had a great time with this little walk down memory lane and i’ll see you next time.