I'm really feeling it!

I spent basically my entire Saturday last week trying to win a tournament with Boo and Luigi. I was always got so close close to winning a tournament with both characters so many times, but every time I encountered a Bowser Jr. player in the finals I would get trashed while having an awful time.

If you’ve heard any of the grumblings about the multiplayer in Mario Tennis Aces, you may have heard how everyone is annoyed at how strong Bowser Jr is. I would completely agree with those grumblings on the fact that Bowser Jr can charge his shots so quickly with so little effort. This fact is so frustrating on two parts because it means Bowser Jr can build his tension meter incredibly quickly, while also being able to place the ball almost anywhere on the court and not letting you build tension as well.


Whenever I played this gremlin, I had an awful time because I could basically do nothing to gain an advantage. The Bowser Jr. players would just get build their tension and then spam their special shot, which was a pain to deal with because I would inevitably be pushed to the back of the court when I blocked the shot and then get dropped shotted, which I could return since I just burned a huge chunk of my tension gauge to return the special shot. It was like slamming my head against a brick wall whenever I played him and anyone who mains the little schmuck should feel bad.

The only good thing I can say about burning an entire afternoon on Mario Tennis Aces is that I have a better understanding of the game and I can pretty much consistently get to the semi-finals in any online tournament I play.

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