Amidst the media blowout A Hat in Time has received recently, one thing is somewhat overlooked: The original creator of the game. Sure, Habboi is one of the artist of the game and a nice guy, but he isn't the founder of the project. There is someone else, and I think it's only fair if I share a few infos on him as well. Then you have two people to worship.

Mecha the Slag, also known as MechaBowser on YouTube (real name Jonas Kærlev) started out as a Source modder – Team Fortress 2 modder to be precise. In a time when TF2 was still big (or at the very least was still covered in the press), his custom gamemode servers were among the most-played in the entire community, maybe they still are.

His first mod for the game was TF2Ware, a Wario Ware clone.After that, a few more custom gamemodes followed: A zombie mod called Super Zombie Fortress, a Mirror's Edge-inspired race mode called Parkour Fortress, a Super Smash Bros. clone called Smash Bros. Fortress, the custom weapon mod Advanced Weaponizer and a Bomberman mod (which was even featured on Kotaku).

Of course he didn't create all these modes by himself – there are other people that help out with models, maps and other things. But Mecha oversees everything and/or created the initial mod. Beyond the mods, he also created a few other things like a Travis Touchdown skin and the Super Mario/No More Heroes crossover fangame No More Plumbers.

Mecha planned to reach out for something beyond the Team Fortress 2 sector as early as August 2012. He mentioned in an interview that he's been toying around with the Unreal Development Kit.


He's been working with the UDK ever since, and his restless efforts resulted in the game growing from a mere concept to a successfully-funded Kickstarter in a mere 8 months.

This guy isn't just an unknown, inexperienced startup, far from it. He's got experience and deserves all the support he can get. So go ahead and support his game if you haven't already.