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A Month in a New Generation.

Today marks one month since the new (we can all agree it's no longer called "next generation" now, right?) generation began in earnest; so how is it going?

As with many consoles, the launch lineup for both PS4 and Xbox One is largely the same—save for a few exclusives on each side—and there will be a slow trickle of new software in the months to come.


Post launch, PS4 and Xbox One (and Wii U, more on that later) have found cozy homes in my entertainment center, but have they managed to insert themselves in my life the way their manufacturers have hoped they would?

The short answer here is no. Not really, anyway. After getting through Assassin's Creed IV on PS4 I couldn't really be bothered to get through any of my other titles. Same goes for Xbox One, really. I have tons of fun playing Dead Rising 3, really, but I haven't played it through even once yet, and I haven't found any other titles appealing enough to keep me engaged; the Xbox itself is mostly used as a pass-through for my DVR.

So for now, my entertainment center still houses my PS3 and 360. And this isn't just a two horse race, of course, so there's a Wii U that recently celebrated its first birthday as well.

The Wii U is a console that could possibly be on the upswing soon, but has yet to prove itself despite its sizable time lead on both of its competitors, any advantage it may have had has been squandered as it's no closer to being an essential part of my gaming repertoire than either of my month-old consoles.


That being said, one month is nothing in a multiyear cycle, and there certainly isn't any reason to believe PS4 and Xbox One won't integrate themselves at least as well as their predecessors; I'll save my thoughts about Wii U's fortunes for next week. How about you, TAY? How are your new consoles fitting into your lives?

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