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A New Project for Everyone, Including You! EDIT: Now With Video!

Hey you, yes you! I know you're still awake, and you want to click on this thread.

So, I originally had this idea. I wanted to take my mediocre guitar playing skills and do a cover a week in the same fashion as Pokemon One a Day by our illustrious Stormborn with the hopes of gaining knowledge in the areas of creating cool videos, editing audio, and becoming a not shitty guitar player.


Then, I had a different idea.

What if we, collectively as a community, all took on projects in this fashion (be it music, art, speedrunning, actual running, I don't care), and we updated our progress every week on a timed thread on a select day. In doing this, we would instantly have a supportive community to provide feedback on all those things we wanted to do but had second thoughts because we lost motivation/got disheartened. We could provide each other praise, criticisms, advice, and maybe even an active helping hand, which would only increase our bonds as the most awesomest internet community around (at the very least, the best of Kinja! :D)

Everyone would decide what they wanted to take on, and would post every week to receive feedback and support. You don't have to have any skill or talent at all in the area you want to work on. Hell, maybe you can only draw stickmen but want to create awesome art pieces? I'm sure there are plenty of secret experts lurking around who would be happy to help. Who knows, maybe some people who have the same desires can even collaborate on something together? Some sort of crazy TAY Zelda cover featuring all kind of instruments? I don't know.

Tell me, what do you think? Can you see this being a thing? It is just a dumb, zany fantasy that should be shunned and cast into the depths? Does it sound pretty cool?


I'm in if you guys are, but I would like at least 10-20 posters to take on a project, minimum, so we can get the feel of an actual community.

Okay, my video uploaded. Let me get us started with this awful cover I did of Twoson from Earthbound!

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