I'm really feeling it!

A Night In Gaming and Game Night

Good evening. I'm a little late today! Tonight around 9 pm, I'll be playing Loadout. Feel free to join I'll be lurking around the TAY chatroom around 8 pm for some pregaming trash talk.

As for Game Night Saturday (3/22/14) we will be playing Awesomenauts at 9 pm.

For the following Saturday 3/29/14 I need a volunteer. You'd be in charge of running the show. I can blip and send out the announcement but you'd ultimately be in charge of arranging everything.


PS3 - EDF or GTA V

XBOX 360 - Castle Crashers or GoW

I don't want to completely PC monopolize game night but at the same time it seems most people play on PC. To this end unless I hear outcry I will plan on 1 console gaming night/month (I'll organize better as we get along here). I'll always make it the last Game Night of the month to send us out with a bang.

We're nearing the end of March so start thinking of games for April!

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