Welcome, dear readers.

Tonight for A Night in Gaming, we'll be playing

***not the expansion!***

I'm going to start as close to 8 pm EST as I can. Meet me in the STEAM CHAT.

My thought for tonight would be to do two teams on hardcore, whoever gets the farthest wins. Alternatively, we can just play with whatever level characters you have. I have a level 27.....barbarian? I think. I can't even remember. It's around level 25 - 30 ish.


Note to new members: Yes, you're invited. I'm not going to write you special invitations though XD. Just show up!

A Night in Gaming is a weekly time where you can get together and enjoy some raucous chatting, low key gaming, and hardcore drugs hugs. The Schedule for A Night in Gaming and the Official TAY Game Night can be found here. B.net, Steam, 3DS, WiiU, etc. IDs are here.