I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A Night in Gaming: EDF 2025

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I lost my magazine!

I forgot bullets!

Whoever kills the most insects buys us all dinner!

From the sounds of it, and from them shooting into walls blankly, you'd guess that the computer AI in EDF 2025 was all born to the same brother sister pair in the woods of West Virginia. (SORRY SHAR!)


You'd probably be right. That's why the EDF needs YOU! To help eradicate the bugs. That they haven't seen in 7 years. Have they been living above the insects this whole time? At this rate, it's the humans who are the endangered species.

Seriously. This game. I can't even.

So if you're up for some bug stomping action, A Night in Gaming will be playing EDF 2025 for the PS3 starting around 8pm eastern. Also, I'm going to change my voice back to super high pitched. So there's that.


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