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A Night In Gaming: EDF 2025 (PS3)

Tonight for a Night in Gaming, I have ruined my own system. Typically a Night in Gaming is my selfish excuse to pick games I want to play. Well. I picked a game I want to play, and lo and behold - I don't own the game. To that end, the illustrious Spacegar will be spearheading tonight's foray into carnage and violence.

Starting around 8 - 9 pm Eastern (ask him for more details!) Spacegar and groups of 4 friends will be blasting bugs in Earth Defense Force 2025 for the PS3. All attendees are encouraged to leave their PSN here or on the official Spreadsheet of Doom.


A Night in Gaming and The Official TAY Game Night are nights designed around getting to know each other over a rousing game of...whatever. The April Schedule can be found here.

April showers bring May flowers and what do May flowers bring? Hopefully some new ideas for games. If you have suggestions for May games before I put up the list of games to vote on, leave them in the comments below with the format,

VOTE; Game, System


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