I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So In addition to doing TAYbox reviews, I've been wanting to start writing some other articles. I lack the verbal kung-fu that some of our authors have so don't expect any verbose articles from me anytime soon, I gotta work my way there.


Anyways since I've been messing around with learning how to play guitar and using Rocksmith, I figured, hey why don't I do a small weekly article detailing my trials and tribulations and whatnot.

My plan is to try and play at least an hour a day, barring any kind of commitments and what have you that would prevent me from doing so. At the end of each week I will post an update on my progress, and hopefully make some real headway. I figure since I decided not to join the Run Club because I wasn't sure if I'd always have time to meet the point requirements, I figure I'll at least post about this for the duration of the the Run club. Working alongside it if you will.


A couple of things to note currently are:

  1. I'm not sure exactly how I'll go about writing the articles (format, what I'm covering, etc)
  2. Don't have a title for this series at this time, by all means SUGGEST SOME TITLES y'all
  3. I wish I had a capture device, so I'd be able to post some video progress, at current the best I'd be able to do is record off my phone which obviously wouldn't be the best per se, not quite shite, but not what I'd really want either.
  4. So I'm not running about all willy nilly practicing whatever, I am going to list some songs that I want to work on, and l everyone pick what I should work on. I'll go with maybe 2-3 that are voted on and work on those, posting my progress every week.

The only song that I've managed to play well enough for the game to give me the notes note for note on the actual song is Next Girl - The Black Keys Which according to the game, I'm at 103.7% mastery. Not quite good enough yet to play the whole song without the notes showing up, but still quite decent.

So, here is a list of songs, (these are all playing lead guitar parts) go ahead and choose 2 of them, and at the end of the week I'll update the post with the chosen songs:

Well then I leave my progress in your hands, as usual feel free to drop me a line on my conTAYct page if you wish. While you're there choose a character in the Battle of the TAY: Lightside vs: Darkside. =P


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