Here’s a question that concerns the need for citing sources in a professionally written article.

So its a little common for writers on Kotaku to write and post articles extremely similar to articles posted on TAY as little as a day before, only to never cite the original writer as the person who brought the article to their attention. If you dont know what I mean, I’m talking about TAY writer/reader Stanlick who posted this just a day before Kotaku’s Mike Fahey posted this.

Does TAY act as a sort of way to notify Kotaku writers about cool topics? If so whats wrong with Mr Fahey just sharing Stanlick’s article? I understand as a journalist he has to meet a sort of quota since he’s paid for the articles he writes, but is it okay for Fahey to be credited for an article he almost lifted from a TAY writer?

Is this just an act accepted by TAY or is this outright plagiarism? I’m not attacking Fahey I simply want to know if this is a matter of lack of citation, or if this is a special situation with TAY and Kotaku, just so I know cause I’d likely get pretty pissed if I was Stanlick here and didnt understand the situation.

If the case is that Kotaku is completely allowed to do this, I apologize for any hostility I may have directed towards Kotaku and Mike Fahey, and Stanlick for potentially bringing you into an internet argument.