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Some quick history, pertaining to one Sony and Sega back to the very first E3 in 1995.

Back then Nintendo, Sega and Sony were the main dudes battling it out for console supremacy. The main focus was on Sega and Sony though with both giants looking to finally announce their price point for their respective upcoming consoles.

Sega was first and announced a $399 price point and that the Saturn was available immediately at select retailers. This was a complete shock to everyone considering they had pretty much said that it was going to release on 'Saturnday' in September, not right then and there in the middle of E3 in May.

Sony then came out at their own press conference and announced the original Playstation at $299 still coming out in September.

By the time the Playstation released, the Saturn had only sold 80,000 units. Sony sold 100,000 Playstation in their first weekend.

Now Microsoft isn't pulling the level of ridiculousness that Sega did back then (or are they?), but Sony just publicly shamed them in a way we haven't since quite possibly the very first E3.

Might wanna read up on your video game history Microsoft. Those who don't are doomed to repeat it.


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