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A Seal named Seel! Pokemon One a Day!

Sea Lion Pokemon

Water Type

I've made fun of names like Geodude and Slowbro...But today's Pokemon takes the cake for worst name ever given to a Pokemon! Seel!? And then the classificiation is Sea Lion Pokemon...Hmm...I'm done witchu. I'm going straight into the artwork cause I can't even. :P


So what could I do for the aptly named Seel? When there are creatures based off of specific creatures, I enjoy giving them a nice direction towards their inspirations, and that's what started with this Pokemon. I was going to do something playful, like have Seel on a little stand balancing a ball...When I realized Seal has a horn. Not gonna work. I tried another realistic take, making it a bit more cartoony but then I realized the art style wasn't going to be unique.

Finally, I settled on something basic - why overwork things when you can break things down to simple shapes and forms? I went with a feel that seemed almost retro, but the inspiration in mind was coming up with a logo for a world famous Seel that would become the face of an amusement park or aquarium...Kinda like Shamu and Seaworld. I kept it very simple and used a limited palette of blue to represent water, and I wanted to get an image that could be iconic in the Pokemon world. Little kids would recognize the logo right away, as seen on backpacks, ice cream wrappers, and of course, on TV whenever the ad for the shows when Seel was in town would play.


This whole direction began when I realized that Seel's tail fin looks like a water fountain - not sure if Nintendo intended that but it saved me from certain doom and not making an illustration in time. I decided to symbolize the tail into something that would fit for a water theme park or aquarium and generally Seel's type and disposition. Once the logo-ized art came to be, I threw in a little registered trademark symbol to enhance the popularity and legitimacy of the work, which could help the artwork send more of the vibe I was considering while drawing.

This was definitely a tough one to get down, despite the fact that I had several ideas lined up. On the other hand, tomorrow's Pokemon has a very clear direction that I should be able to get down without trouble...I hope. So stay tuned, and as always, thanks for stopping by!




+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the the first generation of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon from the set is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.


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