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Including details of the new character, and new aspects of the game. Also don't forget to check the first part here for more information


Some days ago a new scan from Jump magazine revealed a new character for the game called Mikulio? (ミクリオ) and hinted that maybe all this time Slay(?) has been living with those beings known as the Divine (tenzoku 天族). New new scans from Famitsu magazine reveals even for information about this mysterious new character:

You can check the scans here: 1,2,3 and 4

Image Source: Famitsu

Mikulio(?) [ミクリオ]: (voiced by Ryohta Osaka, designed by Mutsumi Inomata): 165 cm tall. His weapon is a Long Staff.
("Slay is that kind of guy. Even as his childhood friend, it's agitating to watch him")

Mikulio(?) is Slay(?)'s best friend who is in fact, one of the Divine People (what's that you ask? check the first article). He is Slay(?)childhood friend and also his rival. He's a calm and composed guy as compared to Slay(?). Since Mikulio(?) is one of the Divine, he is actually invisible to normal people, and only certain people (known as doushi/Maharishi) like Slay can see him (that means Alicia(?) can't see him). He uses the water element.

The scans tell us some more details about the Divine People (Tenzoku): They are beings that tends to live in "vessels" which are "pure" people, and have the power to control the weather trough something called Divine Artes? (天響術). They are said to be nearly immortal as they seen not to age or die.


Also it seems Alicia(?) is actually the first human Mikulio(?) has encountered besides Slay(?), further hinting that indeed, as the scans from the Jump magazine hinted at, Slay(?) may have been living with the Divine this entire time.


The ruins that has sparked Slay(?)'s interest are being called the Mabinogio Ruins (マビノギオ). Since ancient times, this splendid ruins had managed to keep its greatness intact. A part of the village within the Divine Forest is connected to the Ruins, and hence Slay(?) and Mikulio(?) have been searching around the place ever since they were kids. The ruins are surrounded by various greenery, with the interior adorned with mosaic-like patterns. There is a huge statue or image of sorts within the ruins - is it of a God? Or is it something that is supposed to repel intruders?


We can also see Slay(?) without his cape, hinting that even the default costumes may be customizable or may be composed of attachments like in Xillia and Xillia 2, where some DLC costumes included a few attachments in the set. It also mentions in the scan that Slay(?) may have more clothes that he can wear, and some people are fearing this translates to "the game has more DLC than we can buy"


As of today there's no release date set for the Tales of Zestiria, the game that bears the 20th anniversay of the Tales series title (do we have to wait until 2015?), but localization for the game in NA has already been officially confirmed.

Sources: Famitsu, AbyssalChronicles, digifreaks, koi-nya

Bonus: Remember the unboxing video of Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles Collector's Edition released by Bandai Namco Europe some time ago? Well now courtesy of IGN we got a new unboxing video, but this time showcasing the version we're getting in NA which is slightly different than the European Version.


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