I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

How bitter-sweet, my very last post on TAY. I end this year as a TAY author the same way I began back in January: with music.

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Not just another LP, not 100% video game related either. XV - Quinze - 十五 is a celebration. 60 tracks, 6 disc, 6 hours of the very best Shiryu Music made in the past 15 years!


That's right! I have been playing video games for the past 30 years and making music to the best of my abilities for the past 15. It all went by so fast. Much like this year at TAY.

Did you enjoy? Were you entertained by my many(many!!!) news posts, arTAYcles and general wackiness? It amounts to a total of soo many ours, days even of hard work. Very tiresome, but equally rewarding.

I wanted to test myself if I could actually pull off video game bloging while carrying on my "real job", my music and my video gaming habits. I'm glad to say "Mission Acomplished", I did it! I can indeed do it. So why quit, might you ask? Time. Time is the fire in which we burn and I am running out of Time, ever so fast. As such, I will dedicate 2015 to achieving other goals, I am not sure what's ahead, but I am unafraid to carry on.

But it is Christmas! And as such I bring presents for the quickest TAYlanders among you. XV - Quinze - 十五 is my very first Bandcamp exclusive, as in there is no free version available to download anywhere! So if you hurry up to this link and use one of the following codes below, you can snatch yourself one of 5 10 ah frak it... 20 (!!!) free digital downloads I am offering TAY for Christmas!


It's a Shiryu Music Christmas Miracle! If you redeem one of the codes, please post below which one so other people can try one of the unused ones.


In time you will forget me. That is the way of modern day society, people come in and out of or life as fast as bandwidth grows in our global village. I will however not forget all of you or the time spent writing for you, it was a lot of fun. Maybe I should try my luck in my home country of Portugal, we can certainly improve our video game news scene. Time will tell, that never ending flowing river.


Regrets? A few, but just a few. I regret forgetting to tag #tayclassic on about 95% of my posts. I also regret not to this day having done my conTAYct page. Tempus Fugit...

As I leave and thank way too many people to proper list here (you know who you are, ladies! ... also some dudes) for this wonderful opportunity and experience, I leave you with some wise words that gain a whole new meaning after the news of the recent TAYngagement:

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Play Hard, Play LOUD and never, ever back down! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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*OMAKE* In case you're wondering, I will spend this Christmas with not one, not two, but THREE Game Cube Christmas miracles!

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