I'm really feeling it!

A Small Note to you Guys

Hi guys, I'd just like to drop in with this little blip and tell you all that after my experiences on the main site today, I just want to thank all of you for being so great. Great to both me, and to each other. I'm proud of our little community here and how we can always have a nice, mannered conversation without trying to murder each other, even if we're on opposing sides. I feel like I've come to know each and every one of you (the regulars, anyway) and you're all magnificent people with interesting lives that I hope I can remain an acquaintance to for many years to come. Also, seeing you guys drop helpful advice to each other like with Doc and Salvador warms my heart. I also love seeing us slowly accumulate new faces, and how the hits on our posts have grown from just 10 or so views each up to about a hundred or so. Hopefully I've learned my lesson and won't venture into the main commenting threads anymore (I give it a day before I cave).

TB Out.


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