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Today, 'reporters' everywhere are mostly lambasting Nintendo's decision to not include gay relationships in their title, Tomodachi Life, a decision I fully accept, as it was not made out of hate or disgust toward these relationships. This was a design decision. Had Nintendo stated, in a vitriolic manner, that they would not allow gay relationships in Tomadachi Life because they found those relationships revolting and believed marriage should be between a man and a woman, then by God I would be right there in the picket lines telling Nintendo that they are fools and not a company I want to support.

They did not do that. They merely stated that they wanted to avoid social commentary on any matters regarding that and they chose not to implement those relationships into the game.


They made a choice. Much like many developers do when they make a title. Do we want our hero to be male or female? Most choose male. Do we want our hero to be White, Black, Mexican? Most will choose White. Will our hero have any issues with his health, some handicap, or disability? No, because no one wants to play as someone like that.

So where is the outcry against those decisions? Where are the abundance of articles haranguing other developers whom willingly vote against having a hero of color? Why aren't there more games that feature a hero with a handicap, whom then show her overcoming obstacles that stand in her way?

Because almost every game developer is discriminatory. Or, at least, that should be the logic we would use, if today's reports on Nintendo are anything to go by.

I will use my own experience as an example. I lost left hand coordination back in high school, after breaking my wrist. I still cannot maneuver my hand around the keyboard as well as I would like, and nowhere near as well as I used to. Thus, if I want to be able to negotiate battlefields, in shooters, with ease, I needed to use a controller, or gamepad. However, most older titles did not come with gamepad functionality and support, and even some newer titles do not allow a controller to be used, meaning that I would have to buy software in order to ably play a shooter title.


Where were the articles discussing how these developers chose not to support people unable to use a keyboard to play their titles? Their decisions slighted an audience of gamers.

No one cared. Because it was just a choice. The only problem is that people who have disabilities aren't relevant to society, thus there was no story to be had.


But not including gay relationships in a title? That's the line.

Please note: I do not consider my loss of left hand coordination a disability, however playing titles using M/K sorely limits my effectiveness — I do suffer from seizures, which are a disability.

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