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A Thank You And Sorry To Totalbiscuit [Update]

No one on TAY knows my adoration for John “Totalbiscuit” Bain and how he has influenced me. Over twitter today he announced the results of the CT scans to check if he still had any cancerous growths remaining.

They were positive. He says its terminal and the average expectancy is two to three years.


Just a precursor to the article: Its pretty obvious but I should outright say TB is my role model so I’m gonna be a bit skewed towards praising him. Take my opinion with a grain of salt if you must. Also the point of this is to direct some raw emotion and just tell you guys how positively he has influenced my life so please be respectful and keep the ethics in journalism stuff to a minimum in the comments. Thanks.

Totalbiscuit is one of the sole reasons I decided to pursue journalism as a career and there’s no way I can thank him enough. This is the worst news I’ve received in months and that’s saying something because my school’s online newspaper which I was supposed to become editor for was forcibly shut down because the previous editor in chief was expelled and decided to lock everyone out of the servers so as to exact revenge.

Four years ago I stumbled onto a video titled “WTF Is... Magicka” which turned out to be a collaboration between TB and my other favorite YouTubers, the Yogscast’s Simon and Lewis (they were the ones who got me into PC gaming, an equally important influence).

Before I stumbled onto Totalbiscuit’s channel, I was borderline ignorant when it came to the quality of games.


I not-so-fondly remember playing the infamously bad A Bug’s Life game as a child and making zero progress in the game. I had no idea why I couldn’t figure it out, I just thought I was bad at the game. Over a decade after I played that game, I remember Totalbiscuit talking about licensed games sucking on the TGS podcast. The moment he brought up the Bug’s Life game, I jumped to my feet and shouted “I GODDAMN KNEW THAT GAME SUCKED.”

My ability to critique games and generally better myself was because I listened to Totalbiscuit and his brilliant ability to rag on really bad games. 13 year old me could only point out the obvious problems with a game, such as graphics. Now, I’m the polar opposite and I’m well known for being able to spot flaws or positive aspects in games and many other mediums of entertainment, as well as spot diamonds in the rough no one would’ve noticed otherwise (I’m looking at you Cargo Commander, you got the best soundtrack in gaming history).


I was devastated when I initially learned about TB’s cancer, and I rejoiced when he said he was pretty much clear. Now I’m not even sure what to think because now I know its inevitable that he’s going to be gone. Its sort of just a numb feeling, like I don’t care and care so much at the same time so I don’t feel anything.

I want to be able to thank him however I can for the way he inspired me. Obviously he’s not perfect, but he is the one who inspired me the most because of how goddamn hard he works and how much he wants to create interesting content for his viewers.


Totalbiscuit has gotten a lot of hate for his idea of objective journalism. He has long had a desire to stay completely objective in his work—devoid of personal opinion.

Why the hell does it matter if he wants to be objective? He’s his own boss and there’s no significant negative to being opinionated in his work. If people are looking for an opinionated review, there are countless other critics that you can read or listen to. If you want a heavily opinionated article go to Polygon (YES I WENT THERE).


Totalbiscuit receives a ridiculously stupid amount of hate which is even seen in the Kotaku comments section frequently on one topic: He gave his opinions on gamergate.

Gamergate, regardless of how the feminists involved behaved after the attacks began, was an outright attack on Zoey Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu. TB was on these woman’s side, calling the gamergaters out on their behavior. This is completely normal since, as proven many times over, a good 90% of gamergate proved themselves to be misogynistic, violent, dangerously stubborn, and incredibly bad at fact checking (Yeah I know I’m pulling an anti-TB by putting my opinion in there without facts but this is TAY it happens all the time, deal with it).


TB does not deserve most of the attacks he has received. He should be praised for standing by his own views which for the most part (I’m obsessed with this guy he may have done some nasty shit I don’t know about) have always been right.

I cannot truly describe my feelings on the situation. As I mentioned before I’m sort of numbed by this news so maybe I’ll feel differently about the situation later on.


Lets pray for a miracle I guess.

[10/20/15, Update]:

Recently, TB tweeted this message out, which is a message to the man himself from his fans, as well as the plans to hold a stream-a-thon in his honor. For 72 hours people will stream, and all the donations during the stream will go towards Crowdrise, which will direct the money to charity.


I intend to participate in the event, as well as campaign the everliving crap out of it on TAY. Another post on this will be made as soon as they respond to my email.

I got a little too emotional and went into politics needlessly in this article. Lets just hope for the best and support TB the best way we gamers know how: playing video games and throwing money at our screen!



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