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A Theory on Dragon Ball Xenoverse's New Character

If you've been following Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you know that news has been quite scarce. Of the reveals, the standout is Xenoverse's new character, but who is he? A picture is worth a thousand words, and thanks to the latest screens, I have an idea.

To figure out what he could possibly be, we first have to examine him closely. What do we know about this character? The first, most obvious assumption would be that our mystery man is a good guy. Well, he's wearing Capsule Corp. gear and can be seen protecting Gohan and friends at least.


Alright, so maybe that part is a bit too easy. We also know he's likely from the future, as he can be seen interacting with Time Patrol Trunks from the now-defunct Dragon Ball Online. For the uninitiated, Dragon Ball Online took place 216 after the events of Dragon Ball Z.

We know our hero is likely from the another era and was brought back by Trunks for some reason, we know he's affiliated with Capsule Corps., likely in the same way he knows Trunks, but we're really no closer to answering the big question.

If we dig deeper into our mysterious main character's appearance a few more things stand out, for starters he looks quite similar to Gohan toward the end of Dragon Ball Z. He also has Super Saiyan God Goku's red hair, Vegeta's scouter, an outfit very similar to Trunks' and a cape that looks remarkably similar to Piccolo's.


Alone, these things might mean nothing, but then there's also this to consider:


There's our mystery man performing Goku's kamehameha and Piccolo's makankosappo. Before we go forward, let me digress a little bit. What exactly is a xenoverse? The dictionary defines the prefix xeno thusly:


combining form

  • relating to a foreigner or foreigners.


  • other; different in origin.


It would stand to reason Xenoverse is referring to an alternate universe, and given everything we know so far, it's likely Goku's red-headed ally is from that alternate universe.


Let's recap, we've got a mysterious hero with traits of many main characters from the Dragon Ball universe, who also seems to have possibly traveled through time and is able to use at least some of the Z Warriors' techniques. Who does this make me think of?

Oh, that's right. This guy:


Cell is an artificial human made with DNA from Earth's greatest warriors and hell-bent on domination. He's also one of the most-liked villains in the history of the series.

The parallels between Cell and Xenoverse's newcomer aren't enough to convince me, but they're not easy to completely write off, either. We probably aren't seeing an alternate universe version of Gohan's most famous foe, but I do think we may be dealing with something similar.


After seeing what limited evidence we have available, I feel we're dealing with a "super warrior" of sorts born from the DNA of all the Z Warriors combined. An artificial human with the powers of all the greats, if you will.

What do you think? Is there more to our hero than meets the eye? Is he Saiyan? Is he human? Is he an android? Let me know in the comments.

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