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A to Z's of RPGs

A is for Avatar.

Look at that guy. I think Dave Mustaine’s the Avatar.

Be is for Baal, a true superboss. 200 hours and he’s still a ways off:


C is for Cure 1, 2 and 3. Without them our tale would be much slower indeed.

D stands for dice. Good luck with Baldur’s Gate.

E is for Etrian, a tough little game. It’s not really that bad but...

F is for FOE. Seriously just run, you’re still level 3.

G is for Gaffgarion. No seriously, who names their kid Gaff Gaffgarion?

H is for hit points or heart point or health points or just HP. When these reach zero you cease to be.

I is for intelligence, an important stat buy. Cause conversation options demand you be a smart guy.


J is for Joker. I heard a rumor about him.

K is for Knight Solaire - like no other my sun bro from another mother. The sun must be praised. Please don’t let him know that I’m actually a Darkwraite.


L is for Lucifer, fused with a 5 persona spread. Seriously how are you supposed to figure some of this stuff out without a wiki.

M is for Magitek - for when magic and tech aren’t enough on their own.


N is for Night Mother, leading the Dark Brotherhood from a coffin. She’s super creepy, but the Dark Brotherhood gear is so awesome.

O is for Orange the best of the gear. You work real hard to get a nice set, then they raise the level cap and we all reset.


P is for Power Armor, it’s like Fallout’s Light Saber. Just add it in and everything is suddenly 5 times more epic.

Q is for Quest, something we keep in a log. I guess our little adventurers are just big on time management.


R is for Rogue, which is like Rogue of course. How’d we get from there to Dwarf Fortress?

S is for Soul Power so the world might be mended. So the world might be mended.


T is for Turn Undead. Turns undead to dead dead in one easy step.

U is for Ultima, an ultimate spell. But it did 500 damage because of a bug.

V is for Virtues like honor and compassion. Now games are more about stats and action.


W is for Warrior, a starter class. Level up and become a Samurai, stat.

X is for Xenogears. What you haven’t played Xenogears?

Y is for Yharnam, plagued by, well spoillers.


Z is for ZHP. Dood I’m done. So glad I got everything and didn’t miss anyone.

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